Our history

Excursiones Argentina arises as a need to supply the demand of domestic tourism made by Argentines, for Argentines.

During the last few years, we have seen how the advance of international tourism has generated innumerable opportunities for entrepreneurs and inhabitants throughout the country and, at the same time, has collaborated with the development of many communities around this activity.

However, domestic tourism has been left behind in terms of the availability of offers adapted to different profiles and made available with advanced technology platforms, made in Argentina.

Today, we bring to the reach of every traveler, the possibility of making contact with local suppliers at very low cost. The great advantage: you pay in local currency and there are no additional costs for international intermediation operations.

Excursiones Argentina, is a product of SAK Wine & Travel S.A.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consumers with a technological proposal that allows domestic travelers to make reservations directly with local suppliers.

In our site you can book directly with your preferred supplier, making the purchase in national travel companies duly registered.



More than 100 members is our goal for the first year. The offer will grow year by year!



More than 2 thousand daily visits is our goal for August 2021. With your help we can reach that goal very soon!



More than 40 destinations throughout the country. Each province has a huge offer and as the months go by we will be incorporating new proposals and more destinations!



We are aiming for a record of more than 40 thousand online bookings on our platform in the next 24 months. We are confident that we can achieve it!

"Excursiones Argentina is a platform that tries to make available to every traveler the entire national tourist offer."


Nico Iemolo


Our team

Nico Iemolo


Pablo Cara