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This document describes the general terms and conditions (hereinafter the "General Terms and Conditions") applicable to access and use of the Marketplace - ExcursionesArgentina service by Sak Wine & Travel SA (hereinafter the "Company") within the website http://www.escursionesargentina.com.ar, its subdomains and/or other related domains (urls) (hereinafter the "Site"), where these Terms and Conditions are found. Any person wishing to access and/or subscribe to and/or use the Site, or to contract the products and services offered therein (hereinafter the "Services") may do so subject to the General Terms and Conditions, together with all other policies and principles that govern http://www.escursionesargentina.com.ar and that are incorporated herein directly or by reference or that are explained and/or detailed in other sections of the Site. Consequently, all visits, all contracts and transactions made on this Site, as well as their legal effects, shall be governed by these rules and subject to the applicable legislation in the Province of Mendoza - Argentine Republic.

The Terms and Conditions contained in this document shall apply and shall be understood as an integral part of all acts and contracts that are executed or entered into through the offer and marketing systems included in this site between the users of this site (hereinafter the "User") and by any of the other companies or companies that are subsidiaries or affiliates and that make use of this site (hereinafter the "Business Partners"). In the event that the Business Partners have set their own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies for the acts and contracts they perform on this site, they will appear on this page marked with a link or indicated as part of the promotion of their Services and will prevail over them. ANY PERSON WHO DOES NOT ACCEPT THESE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND THE PRIVACY POLICIES, WHICH ARE MANDATORY AND BINDING, MUST REFRAIN FROM USING THE SITE AND/OR THE SERVICES.

The User declares to have read, understood and accepted all the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions, in the Privacy Policies of Sak Wine & Travel SA - Web Site http://www.escursionesargentina.com.ar, as well as in the eventual contracts entered into within the Site and other associated documents.


  1. Legal capacity

The Services are only available to persons who have legal capacity to contract. The Services may not be used by persons who do not have such capacity, including minors or Users of http://www.escursionesargentina.com.ar who have been temporarily suspended or permanently disqualified in accordance with the provisions of section 2 "Registration and Use of the Site". The acts that minors perform on this site will be the responsibility of their parents, guardians, caregivers or curators, and therefore will be considered performed by them in the exercise of the legal representation they have. The User who contracts the Services offered by Commercial Partners, in ExcursionesArgentina through the site http://www.escursionesargentina.com.ar, affirm that (I) has the capacity to contract and bind under the terms of this Agreement and the provisions of each Service, (II) the data entered in your account are true and correspond to his person, and (III) any other information submitted to EscursionesArgentina will be considered true, accurate, current and complete.


  1. Site Registration and Use

It is mandatory to complete the registration form in all fields with valid data to become an authorized user of EscursionesArgentina, in this way, you can access the services offered on this site. The user must complete the registration form with your information accurately, precisely and truthfully, being obliged to update such information as necessary.

The Company may use various means to identify the Members of the Site, but is NOT responsible for the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by its Users. The Users guarantee and are responsible, in any case, for the accuracy, veracity, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data entered. In this sense, the declaration made by the Users at the time of registration shall be understood as a Sworn Statement. Each User may only be the holder of 1 (one) account on the Site, and may not access more than 1 (one) account with different e-mail addresses or falsifying, modifying and/or altering their personal data in any possible way. In case this infraction is detected, Sak Wine & Travel SA - ExcursionesArgentina through the site http://www.escursionesargentina.com.ar will communicate to the User informing him/her that all his/her accounts will be grouped into a single account cancelling all his/her other accounts. If it is verified or suspected fraudulent use and / or malicious and / or contrary to these Terms and Conditions and / or contrary to good faith, Sak Wine & Travel SA - ExcursionesArgentina will have the unappealable right to terminate the Services, not to make effective promotions, cancel ongoing transactions, terminate the accounts and even to take legal action against violators. Sak Wine & Travel SA - ExcursionesArgentina may perform the checks it deems appropriate to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the User. In that sense, reserves the right to request any proof and / or additional data in order to corroborate the Personal Data, as well as temporarily or permanently suspend those users whose data could not be confirmed. In these cases of disqualification, Sak Wine & Travel SA - ExcursionesArgentina may terminate the service, without this giving rise to any right to compensation, payment and / or compensation.

The User, once registered, will have his/her email address and a secret password (hereinafter the "Password") that will allow him/her personalized, confidential and secure access. In case of possessing these data, the User will have the possibility of changing the Password, for which he/she will have to follow the procedure established in the respective site. The User agrees to maintain the confidentiality of his/her Password, assuming full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her secret Password registered in this website, which allows him/her to review his/her profile, update information, make purchases, contract new Services and obtain information (the "Account"). This Password is for personal use, and its delivery to third parties does not involve responsibility of Sak Wine & Travel SA - ExcursionesArgentina or companies in case of improper, negligent and / or incorrect use. The User will be responsible for all transactions made in and from your Account, because access to it is restricted to the entry and use of a secret password, exclusive knowledge of it. The User agrees to notify Sak Wine & Travel SA - ExcursionesArgentina immediately and by suitable and reliable means, any unauthorized use of your Account and / or Password, as well as the entry by unauthorized third parties to it. It is clarified that the sale, assignment, loan or transfer of the Key and / or Account under any title is prohibited.


  1. Modifications to the General Terms and Conditions

Sak Wine & Travel SA may modify the General Terms and Conditions of its ExcursionesArgentina - ExcursionesArgentina site. http://www.escursionesargentina.com.arThe Company may, at any time, notify its Business Partners of such action in a timely manner.


  1. Procedure for using this Internet site

ExcursionsArgentina - http://www.escursionesargentina.com.arThe Company shall inform in an unequivocal and easily accessible manner the steps to be followed to enter into the commercial contracts offered and made available to its Users.


  1. Formation of consent in contracts entered into through this Site

Through the ExcursionesArgentina Site - http://www.escursionesargentina.com.ar, the Commercial Partners will carry out the following activities offers of Tourist ServicesThe same must be approved by The Company, which are in turn, accepted by the customer after confirmation in the shopping cart and electronically, using the mechanisms that the same Site offers for it. The Client, the Commercial Partners and Excursiones Argentina will be notified in the desktops of their accounts on the Site and in turn to their e-mail boxes automatically, and the reservation request will be considered confirmed once The Company has verified the financial status of the purchase. In order to validate the transaction, the Commercial Partner must verify, within the term established for each Service, that it accepts the purchase made by the Client, communicating such verification to ExcursionesArgentnina. Finally, the trading partner will inform the customer of the place where it will begin to provide the contracted service and the particularities to be reported as appropriate. The consent will be understood to be formed from the moment this written confirmation is sent to the Client. The Service purchased by the Customer is subject to cancellations according to the policy established in each case by each Business Partner and may vary from service to service. This policy shall be informed in all cases and without exception. The Business Partner is obliged to inform on the ExcursionesArgentina - ExcursionesArgentina website. http://www.escursionesargentina.com.arThe Company shall inform, no later than the next business day, any change in the availability of quotas for the Services offered, dates of available activities, weather changes that prevent the provision of the service, regulatory or access changes that prevent or delay the provision of the service, or any other information related to the possibility or conditions for the provision of the service.


  1. Term of validity of the service and price

The term of validity of the Service is that which coincides with the effective date indicated in the publication or by virtue of the exhaustion of the service available for that publication duly informed to the Customer, or as long as the offer of the Service remains available, whichever is less. Whenever a publication does not indicate a termination date, it will be understood that the activity will be extended until the exhaustion of the corresponding inventories. The availability of the Services is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Trading Partners, for which they shall keep updated the rates for each published day and the days available for the purchase of the published Services. The prices of the Services available on the Site, while appearing on the Site, shall only be valid and applicable on the Site and shall not be applicable to other channels used by the Business Partners, such as physical stores, telephone sales, other electronic sales sites, catalogs or others. The prices of the Services offered on the Site are expressed in ARGENTINE PESOS - AR$ and are per person. The prices offered correspond exclusively to the value of the service offered and do not include handling, shipping, accessories that are not expressly described, or any other additional item. It should be noted that some operations may generate bank charges. It is the Client's responsibility to contact his/her bank to know the amount and the corresponding conditions.

Some of the Services offered on the Site feature differentiated prices for children or babies in relation to those offered for adults. These differentiated prices constitute a mere arbitrariness of each Business Partner for the Services they deem convenient, and do not generate obligations with respect to the other Business Partners, or Services offered by them with respect to the offering of reduced prices in relation to the age of each person accessing the Services offered.


  1. Methods of payment.

Payment must be made at the time of booking the Services, by credit card and through the secure payment system offered by the Site. To validate an offer of any tourist service, payment must have been made in full.


  1. Return or Exchange Policy for Right of Return

All the Commercial Partners that offer their services in ExcursionesArgentina - http://www.escursionesargentina.com.ar are committed to the Customer's complete satisfaction throughout the entire experience. However, it is possible that changes may occur in the itineraries that determine a cancellation and subsequent refund. In that sense, the Commercial Partners have the responsibility to publish their policies of modifications, cancellations, refunds and guarantees in the information of each offer, which will prevail over the General Conditions expressed in this section. Likewise, it is the responsibility of each Buyer/Customer to review these policies before contracting any service. However, it should be noted that these policies do not affect the customer's rights stipulated in Law 24.240 (Consumer Defense Law) and Law 22.802 (Commercial Loyalty). All matters relating to the Policies of Returns, Cancellations and Warranties; shall be governed by the provisions of this document, coupled with that may be modified, expanded or supplemented by subsequent annexes, which if applicable, will be made known to the Customer by ExcursionesArgentina, through the publication on the platform in accordance with the provisions of this instrument. 


  1. Modification of Reservations.

Only those Services that are not specified as NOT "modifiable" or "cancellable" may be modified. In this regard, the Business Partner may apply rescheduling charges, which must be informed in detail and in writing to the Customer prior to the rescheduling in order to obtain the Customer's consent.


  1. Cancellation of Reservations.

No cancellation will be accepted for those Services for which it is specified on the Site that they are NOT "modifiable or cancellable".

Any request for cancellation must be sent to ExcursionesArgentina through the following website http://www.escursionesargentina.com.ar /contact - under the following format: "Individual/I have made or wish to make a reservation on the Site/I wish to modify/cancel my reservation") indicating the reservation number, your name and date. Our department will process your request as soon as possible.

Cancellation fees apply to all our excursions and activities, except for some excursions whose particular conditions are indicated below:

  • Up to 2 days before the start date of the Service, no charges will be claimed from the Customer, except for those Services with specific cancellation conditions, duly indicated in the "Cancellation Conditions" of each offer.
  • Before the expiration of the deadlines indicated above, ExcursionesArgentina and its Commercial Partners reserve the right to charge application management fees, which are included in the offer of the Service and are also mentioned in the voucher.

If the customer decides to voluntarily cancel the tour or the Service in progress, he/she will lose the right to reimbursement. Any User who shows up after the departure time of the Service will be considered a "no show" and non-refundable, whatever the reason for the delay.

The Commercial Partners reserve the right to cancel or modify certain tours without prior notice if the comfort or safety of travelers so require, in case of force majeure, strike, demonstration, administrative provision or exceptional closure. In this situation, the Commercial Partners must inform ExcursionesArgentina immediately and will do everything possible to provide the Client with the most appropriate solution. This information will be sent in writing to the Client, who will have to communicate the chosen option as soon as possible. If the new proposals of the Commercial Partners do not satisfy the Customer, the latter may request a full refund of the Service booked on the Site, indicating the reservation number that has been provided.


  1. Refund policy.

In the event that a reservation meets any of the conditions for reimbursement described above,

the fee corresponding to the unavailable Services, which would have been effectively collected by the Site, will be refunded and credited to the cardholder's credit card within 72 hours after the purchase has been made. The payment will appear on the card statement under the name of Sak Wine & Travel SA.


  1. Claims.

Claims related to tourist services marketed by Sak Wine & Travel SA through the ExcursionesArgentina - ExcursionesArgentina website. http://www.escursionesargentina.com.arwill be received within a maximum period of 30 calendar days after the date of the Service in question. Claims must be formalized by completing and sending the form provided for this purpose on the CONTACT page of the Site.


General Conditions:

It is the sole responsibility of the Trading Partner to enter prices, dates, conditions of use or modifications, and in general all the information of the offer of Services on the platform. Therefore, the publication of each offer made and confirmed by the Trading Partner shall directly bind him, and he must provide the service according to the price, date and conditions published in each offer, and he may not allege an error in the publication that prevents the modification, execution or obtaining of the service offered and sold to the customer.


  1. Proof of payment

According to art. 53° of D.L. 825 on Sales Tax and Resolution No. 6289 of October 29, 1998 issued by the Internal Revenue Service, it is not possible to exchange a bill for an invoice, since Value Added Tax taxpayers must issue invoices to other sellers or service providers, and bills in all other cases.

Taking into account this resolution, it is the Client's obligation to correctly decide which document will be requested as proof of purchase at the time of purchase, since according to the aforementioned paragraphs, no changes will be made.

  1. Intellectual Property

All the content included or made available to the User on the ExcursionesArgentina - ExcursionesArgentina Site is provided by ExcursionesArgentina. http://www.escursionesargentina.com.arThe Content, including text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio files, digital downloads and any other information (the "Content"), is the property of Sak Wine & Travel SA or has been licensed to it by the Business Partners. The compilation of the Content is the exclusive property of Sak Wine & Travel SA and, as such, the User must refrain from extracting and/or reusing parts of the Content without the prior express consent of the Company.

In addition to the Content, the trademarks, word or figurative marks, service marks, industrial designs and any other element of intellectual property that is part of the Content (the "Industrial Property"), are owned by Sak Wine & Travel SA or Business Partners and, for this reason, are protected by laws and international treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs. The improper use and total or partial reproduction of such contents are prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by Sak Wine & Travel SA.

  1. Intellectual Property OF THIRD PARTIES

Sak Wine & Travel SA is a law-abiding company and does not intend to take advantage of the reputation of third parties, appropriating the intellectual property protected by them. Considering the above, if you suspect that any product found on our website infringes intellectual property rights of third parties or infringes rights legally protected by you, please notify us to deactivate such products immediately from our website and initiate all actions to prevent this from happening.

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