Villa la Angostura

Tourist information of Villa la Angostura

Villa La Angostura is located in the middle of the Patagonian mountain range, surrounded by lakes, rivers and an ancient forest. It lies 45 km from the border with Chile, and only 76 km from Bariloche's international airport. It has a varied hotel and gastronomic offer. Its mountain architecture has more than 3,000 beds that are distributed along the shores of the main bays, thus completing a natural aesthetic and incomparable structure.
Villa la Angostura

Main attractions of Villa la Angostura

Villa la Angostura is located in the south of the Province of Neuquén; more specifically on the northwest of the famous Nahuel Huapi Lake. Its landscape combines mountains, waterfalls, trails, national parks and rivers. And it is the owner of a unique architecture.

Among its main attractions is the Arrayanes Forest: a natural relic unique to this region. It can be accessed on foot, by bicycle or on a catamaran that navigates through the waters of the majestic Nahuel Huapi Lake.

On the other hand, sport fishing places this destination among the favorite ones for fly fishing lovers.

Its beaches, forests and mountains change their appearance according to the seasons of the year. They also offer a wide range of alternatives to visit the place and get to know it from different perspectives. We can take a bike ride, walk or horseback ride to the Quetrihue peninsula.

Adventure activities, as well as sailing and horseback riding, are among the most popular activities among tourists.

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