Puerto Iguazú

Puerto Iguazú tourist information

A tourist place par excellence, it is home to the greatest spectacle of water and jungle that exists on the face of the earth: the majestic Iguazu Falls, ``big water`` in the Guarani language, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. To reach this charming city and one of the most fascinating sceneries in South America, you can choose to fly to Iguazu International Airport, only 17 km from the city center. From Brazil and Paraguay you can get there by crossing the Tancredo Neves International Bridge. Puerto Iguazú is chosen annually by millions of people who come to enjoy a natural environment that explodes in multiple ways.
Puerto Iguazú

Main attractions of Puerto Iguazú

The city of Puerto Iguazu is located in the north of the province of Misiones in the northeast corner of Argentina and 18 km from the famous Iguazu Falls. It borders Brazil (Foz do Iguaçu) and Paraguay (Ciudad del Este).

Although the Iguazu Falls area has a subtropical climate, in winter there are days that are cold (when the south wind blows). For this reason, if you travel in winter it is always a good idea to bring a coat.

During the summer there are usually extremely hot days, so we recommend drinking plenty of fluids to avoid heat stroke, dehydration, sunstroke, etc.

Excursions and visits to the National Park IguazúThe most popular options for visitors are to visit the 275 waterfalls of the Falls and learn about the exotic flora and fauna of the place.

In the city you can visit the Mbororé and Natural Science museums, as well as the Three Borders Landmark and the International Casino. From Puerto Iguazú excursions can be organized to Ciudad del Este (Paraguay). There you will find an important fair that sells interesting handicrafts and electronic products. There are also other trips to Brazil to see the waterfalls from a new perspective.

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