Potrerillos tourist information

Potrerillos is today one of the most interesting localities for tourism in the province of Mendoza, only 70 kilometers from the provincial capital. The mirror of water that bears the same name as the village has an area of about 1,500 hectares and has a length of 14 kilometers long and almost 3 kilometers wide, which serve to give rise to various activities, among which are rafting, trout and silversides sport fishing, camping and a large number of outdoor activities. Around it we can find hotels, inns or cabins. In its beginnings, Potrerillos was the place chosen by several families from Mendoza to find relaxation and to build some weekend houses. Along with these first tourist steps, the Gran Hotel Potrerillos was installed, which for its architectural style managed to get the whole province talking.

Main attractions of Potrerillos

Potrerillos is a town located on the Andes Mountains; more precisely, in the Luján de Cuyo Department of the province of Mendoza.

As for its geography, it develops at different altitude levels, surrounded by meadows and hanging valleys.

On the other hand, the summer villas delight with the pure air, the clean sky and the lush vegetation. Today, in addition to the village and the dam, there are several tourist attractions in the surrounding area. Among these are Las Carditas, Las Vegas and Valle del Sol. Also the famous Salto and Piedras Blancas, as well as the small but charming Vallecitos ski center. And of course, the curative waters of the Cacheuta hot springs, another place not to be missed near the town of Mendoza.

Likewise, this beautiful place offers the possibility of practicing diverse modalities of adventure tourism. Among them we can highlight; rafting, horseback riding, trekking, ascents, hiking, mountain biking.

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