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Tourism in the Province of Entre Rios is traced by the enormous benefits of its natural resources and the natural beauty of its rivers, beaches, hot springs and its land. The tranquility and the provincial landscapes are combined with the warm service of the people of Entre Ríos. National Capital of the Thermal Circuits and emblematic in the display of its Carnivals, it has innumerable activities and tourist products. It is the ninth most visited destination in the country. The province promotes a total of ten tourist products that it develops on its official website, which is updated daily, guaranteeing the quality and veracity of the data and information provided there.
Entre Rios

General information

Entre Rios is a province in the Mesopotamia region of northeastern Argentina, between the Paraná and Uruguay rivers. It is known for its hot springs, such as those of Federación, and its tradition of growing yerba mate and drinking mate. It is also home to 2 national parks: Predelta, abundant in bird species, and El Palmar, one of the remaining reserves of the yatay palm that once covered the region.

As for the climate, it is characterized by being temperate, and temperatures increase as one travels from south to north. That is to say, two defined climatic regions can be recognized:

  • On the one hand, by south of the province The temperature is temperate with well marked seasons. Cool winters and warm summers. Rainfall is regular throughout the year.
  • On the other hand, in the north of Entre Ríos The climate is warm with mild winters and very hot summers. Rainfall is more common during the summer.

Entre Ríos has a large number of attractive cities. For example, Gualeguaychú, emblematic place where the famous carnivals take place; La Paz, owner of spectacular islands and golden giants. Also part of this extensive list are Colón, where the El Palmar National Park is located; Paraná, capital of the province; Concordia, where its connection with Uruguay, its lake and its exclusive area for fishing the largest dorados in the world with obligatory return are outstanding. And of course, along with these cities, Concepción del Uruguay, with more tourist attractions to take into account when visiting this beautiful province.

Entre Rios

Capital of Entre Ríos

Paraná is a city on the east bank of the Paraná River, in the Argentine province of Entre Ríos. It has been connected to the city of Santa Fe since 1969 through the Uranga - Silvestre Begnis Subfluvial Tunnel.

Paraná offers multiple options to enjoy restful days of rest in its surroundings, touring and admiring its beaches, parks and places of interest, in a temperate climate. It has an average temperature of 23ºC in summer, with maximums of 33ºC and minimums of 18ºC and no less than 10ºC in winter, with maximums of 18ºC and minimums of 7ºC.

Among its main tourist attractions arel Urquiza Park, with fountains and sculptures. To the west we located the beach El Parque. On the other hand she largest beach is Thompson Beach, which is located beyond the city's harbor.

Another attraction is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, which was built in the nineteenth century and has a facade adorned with pillars and 2 towers. Nearby is the 3 de Febrero Theater, of European style.

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