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It is a cosmopolitan city and an important tourist destination. Its complex infrastructure makes it one of the most important metropolises in America, given its influence in commerce, finance, fashion, art, gastronomy, education, entertainment and mainly in its marked culture. The most important tourist sites are located in the historic center of the city, a sector formed practically by the neighborhoods of Monserrat and San Telmo. Its urban profile is markedly eclectic. Spanish colonial, art deco, art nouveau, neo-Gothic, Italianate, French Bourbon and French academicism styles are mixed. For the latter added to its building development and marked European influence in its architecture in certain areas. The city began to be built around the Plaza Mayor (today Plaza de Mayo), and the administrative institutions of the Colony were installed in the area. To the east of the Plaza can be seen the Casa Rosada, the current seat of the Executive Power of Argentina. To the north of the Plaza is the Metropolitan Cathedral, which has occupied the same place since colonial times, and the building of the Banco de la Nación Argentina. Another important colonial institution was the Cabildo, located to the west, which is not preserved in its original form since part of its structure was demolished for the opening of Avenida de Mayo and the diagonal Julio A. Roca.
Buenos Aires

City of Buenos Aires

City of Buenos Aires is the capital and most populated city of the Argentine Republic. It is also an autonomous city that constitutes one of the 24 districts that make up the country.

The climate of the city is temperate pampean, humid subtropical. It has hot summers and cool winters. Almost the totality of the Province of Buenos Aires is included within the humid pampas, but can be distinguished in such plain, the prairies and the undulating pampas in the northern sector by the presence of a relief with hills.

With respect to its tourist offer, it is very wide. For this reason, we recommend to visit the Plaza de Mayoand the gastronomy of Puerto Madero. Also, the traditional walk through Caminito and visits to Palermoamong many other places.

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